Weight loss is not necessarily healthy

Weight loss is not necessarily healthy.
Weight loss in America is a 20 billion plus a year industry where misleading people seems to the norm. When considering weight loss, the need to be cautious about how the loss occurs is most important. There are several factors that play a big role in weight loss and the ability to maintain the weight loss. Most people in American are looking for instant results and therefore continue to feed the industry the 20 billion a year income. I was one of the masses that fed this industry; however, I found they did NOT help me lose weight. The only benefit you will get is spending money on a duct tape approach of fixing the problem. It will leave you unhealthy and frustrated. Weight loss is about making the right choices in life for energy and health. It is not for everyone and that is what makes the world great. The supplements and fade diets will leave you missing nutrition levels while losing body muscle.

The most important item in weight loss is muscle, without it, you will not lose weight. Muscle mass naturally deceases with age and is one of the causes of obesity. If you have less muscle you burn less calories; therefore, you might have to eat less and less as you age.

The second item to consider is hydration. One percent change in hydration can make you look like you lost or gained weight; however, the body has NOT changed muscle mass. So if you weigh in and the scale goes up don’t be alarmed. Judge your weight loss on how you feel and how your clothes fit compared to before.

If you are losing more than one to two pounds in a week on any supplement or fade diet, beware of the consequences that come after this process is over. Losing more than one pound a week is almost impossible unless you are losing body muscle or hydration. Both are unhealthy! Remember when you lose body muscle you have to cut your food intake even lower to maintain what you used to weigh. The reduction in body muscle is what causes the “YO YO Effect” in weight loss. Once you return to eating what you normally would, you will gain more weight because you have less muscle. By definition the “YO YO Effect= the dieter is initially successful in the pursuit of weight loss but is unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term and begins to gain the weight back. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight, and the cycle begins again.” -wikipedia.org

Are you looking to lose weight? Believe me it is very simple process and can be achieved by anyone who can make the commitment to a lifestyle change. Contact Endurance Madness when you are ready to make the commitment to healthier life style and get on your way of feeling and looking your best!

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