This week in Training

8 weeks to Try Tri, 9 weeks to Rec Plex Triathlon, 12 short weeks to St. Louis Triathlon, Motivation is catching, Drive is building, and Goals are set, Triathlon training is now and real! The biggest bonus is you get the training plan FREE just for being a part of Endurance Madness. If anyone wants more of a one on one coaching, please contact me directly.
Thank you
Bob Boles

2/27 – 3/5 This week in training
Monday= 6 pm TBH
Tuesday= Swim 100 warmup, 4 x 50 fist drill, 4 x 50 paddles, 4 x 50 15 sec rest, 300 slow increasing to sprint finish, 100 easy bi lateral breathing,
Wednesday= run 4 miles easy
Thursday= 6 pm TBH, Bike trainer 30 minutes easy cardio
Friday= Rest
Saturday= 8 am Swim, 50 warm up, 100, 150, 200, 250, 200, 150, 100, 50,
2 pm Bike Trainer Medium 45 minutes with 3 single leg 45 seconds
Sunday= 10 am run 9 miles easy marathon pace

NOTICE: times are not listed on the workouts that I do not host, remember to get it in on your own, which will get you ready for this season. If you are training for a run up to a half marathon or a triathlon up to an Olympic distance, this plan will get you there pushing for a PR.

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