This week in training

This week in training I start off with triathlon training for next season. Looking to stay short and close for most races with some 5k and 10k’s mixed in. Focus will be speed and building base. The plan is ready and the goals are set, so come out and join me for some healthy fun training 🙂
10/23 – 10/29
Monday = 6 pm TBH; 8 pm Swim 100 warm up, 100 single arm, 4 x 50 with paddles with 30 second rest, 4 x 50 sprints with 30 second rest, 100 bilateral cool down
Tuesday = 8 pm Bike spin 30 min; Run 1 mile hill repeats
Wednesday = Rest
Thursday = 6 pm TBH; 3 miles easy
Friday = Rest
Saturday = 8 am Swim 100 warm up, 400 at race pace, 100 bilateral cool down
Sunday = 8 am 30 minute Bike spin; Run 6 miles easy

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