The Endurance Madness philosophy is no matter what type of exercise you are doing and no matter what time of year it is, start where you are and allow yourself to be a beginner. Be better than you were yesterday. You must train with purpose; therefore, set a goal then have a plan to train for the specific goal. Fitness begins with understanding the technique needed to perform any exercise like a plank, squat, swim, bike, run, etc. Second is your body’s fueling systems and fueling them with proper food. Third is the discipline to a make it happen and finally the mental training with the vision to see yourself accomplishing the goal. Endurance Madness was formed to unite runners, cyclists, and triathletes of every level, ability, and interest. Endurance Madness strives to promote good health, friendship and camaraderie while achieving your goals.
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Endurance Madness
Going the distance for all your goals!

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