IRONMAN 70.3 Muncie 2016

This past weekend team Endurance Madness took a road trip to Muncie Indiana to compete in the 70.3 IRONMAN race. Making the trip were Mike, Bob, Dave, Dawn and Carol. The race is a 1.2 mile lake swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run. The weather was near perfect for the race. The best part was the support of the community and the enthusiasm of the volunteers. Mike had a good swim and better than average bike. He had a consistent run for a solid finish within 14 minutes of his PR (personal record). Bob had some trouble with the swim and run, but a solid bike and finished with a 28 minute PR. Dave also had some troubles with the swim and run, but a strong bike. He finished with a 32 minute PR! Dawn again had some troubles with the swim and barely beat the cut off time for a DNF (did not finish) by 16 seconds. Her bike was very good through 40 miles and then started to fade. She continued in the run and cramped pretty bad and had to stop and ice her legs around 11 miles; however, she finished with a personal record of 39 minutes!! Carol competed in her first 70.3 race and with early season life commitments getting in the way, her training was limited; however, she crushed the swim. Then she followed that up with a personal best bike performance and finished with a consistent run. Congrats to Carol for putting in the extra time on the swim the last two weeks before the race and taking the time to learn some tips on the bike. Those two efforts on her part made her a 70.3 IRONMAN finisher!!! Congrats to all and thank you for honoring Endurance Madness as your coach and team. Special thanks to Randy for making the trip up and all the support and cheering. Super special thanks to the community and volunteers that created a life time of memories!

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Weight loss is not necessarily healthy part 2

Weight loss is not necessarily healthy part 2

The first step is to evaluate if you want the weight loss to be permanent or temporary. I know what you are thinking, who wants temporary weight loss? Well, I don’t know either but there appears to be an extremely large portion of Americans looking to do just that because otherwise it would not be a 20 billion dollar a year business. If a temporary weight loss is desired for example, a swim suit body for the summer, fit into a pair of pants or a dress, or for a specific special day, then you are welcome to try as many of the 20 billion dollar a year business’ quick fixes you can and stop reading now. If permanent weight loss is your goal, then continue on your way to a lifestyle change.

Second step is to understand that weight loss is a life style change that could take years to reverse the effects of your old life style. Weight loss is most effective when you have knowledge of what causes weight gain and weight loss. You must seek the information, do the research and learn from trial an error to change your life.

Third step is to set a goal and measure it on a regular basis. Once a goal has been established, then the plan can be made to achieve this goal. A realistic approach is the hardest part to accept because the weight loss process can take weeks, months, or years to be accomplished.

Fourth step is to be consistent and flexible. If your plan is not consistent and flexible, you are setting yourself up for frustration which will lead to giving up on your goal. One of the best ways to stay focused and determined is to have a healthy support group. This group can be family, friends, co-workers, walking partners, etc.

Fifth and last step is the ability to maintain your achieved goal. There will be days and months when the goal begins to slip away, but a continued focus on the life style change will get you back to where you want to be.

If you want a permanent weight loss, Endurance Madness is giving all the information for FREE right here or you can hire a health and fitness coach. Each step of the process will be broken down in future posts so please stay tuned. If you are interested in hiring a health and fitness coach, Endurance Madness does offer a variety of affordable plans.
Going the distance for all your goals!

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Low Carbohydrate diets are not the best way to go.

Recently published and positively backs what I have said time and time again. Low Carbohydrate diets are not the best way to go. What happens is you become skinny but still fat.
“Here are the numbers: The low-carb dieters lost 4.18 pounds, including 8.32 ounces of body fat; the low-fat dieters lost 2.86 pounds, including 13.9 ounces of body fat.”
Expressed as percentages, the low-carb eaters lost 46 percent more weight, but the low-fat eaters lost 67 percent more body fat. “Calorie for calorie, reducing dietary fats results in more body fat loss than reducing carbohydrate,” said lead author Kevin Hall, Ph.D., from the National Institutes of Health.
“Long term extrapolation of our results is fraught with difficulties,” Hall wrote in the study abstract. However, “our data suggest that the greater fat imbalance is likely to persist with the [low-fat] diet, leading to more long-term body fat loss than with the [low-carb] diet.” Runner’s World
Please eat your fruits and veggies everyday!
Eat healthy to stay healthy.
Endurance Madness
Health Coach and Personal Training…/low-fat-diet-tops-low-carb-in…

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Running is more than just lacing up a pair of sneakers and heading out the door.

Running is more than just lacing up a pair of sneakers and heading out the door; although, that is a great way to get started. Patience is your best ally when taking up running. The mind and body have to be taught to endurance the distance with a slow gradual increase. Technique is the most important part of running and requires consistent mental focus. Proper running form is the first technique you need to conquer and requires strengthening the body to hold the form through the entire distance. Hiring a coach to analyze your running is the fastest way to shorten the pain of learning to run.
Shoes are not just heading down to your local sporting goods store and buying the cheapest, best looking or the most expensive pair. Each person has a definite shoe type that will work best for them and requires some knowledge by a trained professional to get the correct shoe. Sometimes it might take several attempts to figure out what works for you. A problem may surface after a long run or a speed workout that will require a change of shoe type. You must be patient with the process but if it were easy everyone would be doing it. It takes commitment, dedication, and desire; however, once you are a runner you will never want to stop. Endurance Madness offers a variety of coaching options at reasonable prices.
Endurance Madness
Going the distance for all your goals!

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Swim workout building speed and endurance

Swim workout building speed and endurance
200 warm up
3 x 15 seconds up right kick drill with 30 second rest
50 single arm
50 fists
4 x 400 max efforts push your comfort zone with 30 second rest
3 x 15 seconds up right kick drill with 30 second rest
50 single arm
50 fists
2 x 800 max efforts push your comfort zone with 30 second rest
2 x 200 bilateral cool down

This is a great Saturday morning workout to replace into the weekly routine.

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Weight loss is not necessarily healthy

Weight loss is not necessarily healthy.
Weight loss in America is a 20 billion plus a year industry where misleading people seems to the norm. When considering weight loss, the need to be cautious about how the loss occurs is most important. There are several factors that play a big role in weight loss and the ability to maintain the weight loss. Most people in American are looking for instant results and therefore continue to feed the industry the 20 billion a year income. I was one of the masses that fed this industry; however, I found they did NOT help me lose weight. The only benefit you will get is spending money on a duct tape approach of fixing the problem. It will leave you unhealthy and frustrated. Weight loss is about making the right choices in life for energy and health. It is not for everyone and that is what makes the world great. The supplements and fade diets will leave you missing nutrition levels while losing body muscle.

The most important item in weight loss is muscle, without it, you will not lose weight. Muscle mass naturally deceases with age and is one of the causes of obesity. If you have less muscle you burn less calories; therefore, you might have to eat less and less as you age.

The second item to consider is hydration. One percent change in hydration can make you look like you lost or gained weight; however, the body has NOT changed muscle mass. So if you weigh in and the scale goes up don’t be alarmed. Judge your weight loss on how you feel and how your clothes fit compared to before.

If you are losing more than one to two pounds in a week on any supplement or fade diet, beware of the consequences that come after this process is over. Losing more than one pound a week is almost impossible unless you are losing body muscle or hydration. Both are unhealthy! Remember when you lose body muscle you have to cut your food intake even lower to maintain what you used to weigh. The reduction in body muscle is what causes the “YO YO Effect” in weight loss. Once you return to eating what you normally would, you will gain more weight because you have less muscle. By definition the “YO YO Effect= the dieter is initially successful in the pursuit of weight loss but is unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term and begins to gain the weight back. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight, and the cycle begins again.”

Are you looking to lose weight? Believe me it is very simple process and can be achieved by anyone who can make the commitment to a lifestyle change. Contact Endurance Madness when you are ready to make the commitment to healthier life style and get on your way of feeling and looking your best!

Bob Boles CPT
Endurance Madness
Going the distance for all your goals!

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Black Bean Potato Salad

Gluten Free Meal to improve your running.
Black Bean Potato Salad
Potatoes should be a staple in any gluten-free kitchen. They’re cheap, easy to cook, long-lasting, and despite their reputation as being nutrient-poor, rich in vitamins and minerals. One medium potato is packed with about as much carbohydrate as a bagel, plus more fiber (as long as you eat the skin), vitamin C, and potassium. This mineral helps keep fluid levels balanced, which is key for runners during sweaty workouts. Adding a bit of flavorful bacon and carb-packed black beans transforms simple spuds into a full meal.

To Make It: Cook 1 pound red-skin potatoes in boiling water until a knife easily pierces potatoes, 15 minutes. Whisk 1 teaspoon each chopped shallot and Dijon mustard, 3 tablespoons sherry or white wine vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin. Whisk in 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil and a bit of black pepper. Drain potatoes. While still warm, toss with 4 tablespoons dressing; 4 cooked, chopped slices of bacon; and 1 15-ounce can spicy black beans, drained. Serve over greens with the dressing.

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Make the most of hilly courses with these riding tips.

We’ve all seen triathletes muscle up rollers at lightning speed only to watch them reach the crest and soft-pedal, or worse—coast to the bottom.

Unless the goal of the session is a hill repeat, this is not the way to dose your effort, especially during a race. Repeatedly burning your matches uphill will not only slow you down overall, but it will cause you to tire before the end of the race.

There are two parts to rolling a hill: the technique and the effort.

Technique Don’ts
– „Don’t hammer from the bottom of the hill in the hardest gear possible.
– Don’t muscle up every climb without using the small ring.
– Don’t shift under heavy pressure.
– Don’t automatically get out of the aero position on every hill.

Technique Do’s
– „Anticipate gearing changes needed in advance and prepare accordingly to avoid dropping your chain.
– As you begin to crest the climb, shift into an easier gear and increase your cadence.
– As you roll down the other side, shift into harder gears and maintain pressure on the pedals.
– „Whether to stay in aero, sit or stand on a climb depends on a variety of factors (see article at left for more specific advice).

RELATED: Why ‘Hard” Courses Are Easier

Effort Don’ts
– „Don’t go as hard as you can at the base of the hill.
– Don’t try to keep pace with other riders’ hill climbing speeds. Remember that their strengths and execution strategy could be different.

Effort Do’s
„- Depending on factors like your event length, type and pacing strategy, plan heart rate and power limits so you will know how to best pace the hills.
– Save something for the crest of the hill and the downhill. Both are great places to make up speed!


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Summer Swim Series

St. Louis area is privileged to have two open water swim series this year. Starting on April 30th through June 25th but skipping Memorial Day weekend. This event is in New Town hosted by Big Shark bicycle company The link to register is

Starting June 5th through September 11th with various weekends off. This event is in Simpson Park hosted by MSE Racing. The link to register is

Endurance Madness
Going the distance for all your goals!

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Saint Louis Triathlon

Prepare yourself for a new personal record!
Announcing the Inaugural St. Louis Triathlon!
This is a flat, fast course with all the swag and awesome spectator friendly environment. Consider this a must do race!
For more information or to register visit.

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